Water Treatment

A Modular System With Proven Technology For Individual Customer Requirements

To meet all the relevant standards in the water treatment industry.

RO system ( motorized ball valves)

The water treatment industry encompasses a variety of processes ranging from wastewater treatment and seawater desalination to drinking water treatment and water distribution. The complexity of these processes demands valves which are extremely reliable and durable. The valves should be able to withstand high pressures, high temperature as well as aggressive chemicals used in water treatment. COVNA Valves offers water treatment PVC ball valves, stainless steel ball valves, butterfly valves, water treatment globe valves electric ball valves, pneumatic valves to help customers.

To meet all the relevant standards in the water treatment industry.

In the Water Treatment market, the ever increasing complexity of processes demands for valves to be extremely reliable and durable. Industrial water treatment especially implies high pressures, high temperatures and water with aggressive chemicals. COVNA can offer you extensive experience and expertise as, well as project management capabilities, coupled with valves that meet all relevant standards and come with any type of certificate you could possibly require or desire. The Water Treatment market covers an extensive number of applications such as drinking water, industrial waste water, high purity water, demineralized water and desalination processes including thermal process, reverse osmosis and EDR process.

● Waster water treatment

● Drinking water treatment

● Sea water desalination

● Water distribution

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