Application Of Valves In Water Supply System

The water supply network distributes the tap water from the water plant to thousands of households, so the water supply network is distributed in every corner of the city, ranging from hundreds of kilometers to thousands of kilometers in length.

Oct 25,2019

Modular Intelligent Electric Valve Controller

Modular Intelligent Electric Valve Controller is an intelligent signal acquisition and control system based on industrial single-chip microcomputer The positioning accuracy, temperature detection, interrupt signal processing, motor rotation blocking processing functions such as application configuration.

Oct 22,2019

Function Of Pneumatic Valve Positioner

Valve Positioner (Also known as: Pneumatic Valve Positioner) is the main accessory of the control valve, usually used with the pneumatic control valve, it receives the output signal of the regulator, and then with its output signal to control the pneumatic control valve, when the control valve action, the displacement of the valve rod through mechanical feedback to the valve positioner, valve position through the electrical signal to the upper system.

Oct 21,2019