Company Profile

COVNA is a world-leading

actuator valve

manufacturer based in Dongguan, China. Our main products include

solenoid valves, pneumatic actuator valves,electric actuator valves, pressure reducing valves

which could service for our clients from various industries. The company has been doing business for 19 years now and have cooperated with different clients such as oil&gas, chemical industry, water treatment, food & beverage and so on. And currently boasts of having four subsidiaries, more than 50 distributors globally.

All COVNA products go through a design, engineering, and manufacturing process led by highly skilled and experienced engineers using Italian technology to manufacture high-quality, safe, reliable and inexpensive valves, actuators and solutions. Manufacturing standards can be attested by the certifications earned over the years. COVNA has ISO 9001:2008 certification in addition to many other certifications like; SGS, RoHS, CNEX, TUV, CE. The certifications are proof that COVNA makes products while observing the highest quality and safety standards globally.

COVNA, your best partner of flow control actuator valves.

Main Services

  • Custom design and production: COVNA can design and manufacture custom valves and actuators that meet your specific needs and applications. We can design valves for small air treatment units to large-scale fluid systems.
  • Quality Assurance: Besides designing and manufacturing high-quality products, COVNA also offers 100% testing services on all components to ensure they are working optimally at peak performance and make sure it running well in your project.
  • What’s more – COVNA offers large stock & on-time delivery 5 to 10 days. We also provide unmatched after sales service and a 1-year warranty on all products. We are a pleasure to solve any problems for you.

COVNA’s Mission and Values

  • To become the preferred automation application valve industry leader in the world. COVNA also aims to build the largest information exchange platform with special focus on science and technology, academics, water treatment technology, environmental protection and transfer of incubation via COVNA Industrial Conferences, an initiative that has been in existence since 2016.
  • COVNA also believes in giving back to society. Every year, COVNA Group contributes thousands of dollars to poverty eradication efforts in China’s outlying mountain area. COVNA values and supports charity and public welfare initiatives.

Our People

  • Qualified and technical team
  • Supplementing experience and youth
  • Vocation for customer service
  • Committed to your project

Our Leadership