2019 COVNA Hope Primary School

Mar 19,2020

November 28th 2019 is Thanksgiving Day, it also is the day that COVNA love group sets off again to Guangxi. This is the third time we have gone to the mountainous areas of Guangxi.

There are 86 students in Yalong Township, Dahua County, Guangxi Province. Most children can not receive a good education because they are located in the high-cold and poor mountainous area, the transportation and economy are relatively backward, and the educational resources are deficient. If we want to change the poverty situation completely, we must develop education. As the saying goes, a strong youth makes a strong country.

As a national brand of valve with credit and responsibility, COVNA actively gives back to society while developing the valve industry and is keen to participate in the charitable cause. Perhaps can not completely eliminate poverty, change destiny, but try to provide a good learning environment for teachers and students, which is the original intention of COVNA donated to build a caring primary school. After the charity donation in 2016 and 2018, in November 2019, we came to Hechi City, Guangxi province to hold the charity donation campaign of COVNA Hope Primary School.

In order to help the children in the poor mountain areas through the winter, COVNA group initiated, a number of social care enterprises involved, through different ways to donate money and materials. It is the charity of these enterprises so that we can help the strength of the stronger, more powerful anti-poverty activities. We have purchased television sets, school uniforms, school bags, stationery and other teaching materials, which is undoubtedly the best gift to the children in the mountains, but also to COVNA hope that the development of primary education care and support.

COVNA hoped that the headmaster of the primary school would express his sincere gratitude for the donation. He encouraged the students to cherish the opportunity to learn, work diligently and achieve success in their studies to return home and society with outstanding achievements.

In order to thank COVNA and co-participation in the donation activities of enterprises, the headmaster personally presented a plaque and photo.

COVNA's founder Mr. Bond, on behalf of all caring enterprises, donated a large number of teaching materials such as television sets to the school, and to the students one by one distribution stationery, school bags and uniforms and other materials.

After the donation ceremony, the charity group played Interactive games with the children, smiling innocent faces. The children are writing their dreams on the dream scroll. Everybody sings together. Warm and unforgettable.

In the afternoon, we went deep into the mountains to visit poor families. We know the family situation, living conditions and economic resources of the poor students in detail, and send sympathy money to the poor students'families.

Charity should never be a matter of one person or one group. It needs us to work together and help each other. It is hoped that this activity of donating money to schools will lead more people and gather broader social support to help the education cause develop better, and also appeal to more caring people from all walks of life to pay attention to and care for children from poor families Help the children finish their studies smoothly and grow up healthily. I also hope that the students who have received the financial assistance will build up their confidence, overcome temporary difficulties, cherish their youth, study hard and give back to the society with outstanding achievements.