Pure Water Equipment For Battery Production

The electric ball valve can work for a long time and can perfectly assist the equipment to reach the output and meet the demand of pure water.

Food Equipment

In this equipment, due to the special connect mode of the clamp-type electric ball valve, can avoid direct contact with food and food safety can be effectively guaranteed.

Reverse Osmosis Pure Water Treatment Equipment

In this equipment, the plastic electric butterfly valve can pass through slightly corrosive media and control flow effectively, keep the normal operation of the equipment.

Desalination System

The HK55-F Flange Pneumatic Actuator Ball Valve is made of 316 stainless steel and equipped with anti-corrosive seals PTFE, which has a strong anti-corrosive property and can operate stably in the system to control fluid flow.

EDI Ultra-pure Water Equipment

In this equipment, 3 ways electric ball valve can achieve the dielectric shunt effect, miniature electric ball valve can effectively control the fluid flow. They assist EDI equipment to produce pure water.

Sewage Treatment System

The plastic electric butterfly valve is able to pass through the slightly corrosive medium to prevent it from being corroded by the slightly corrosive medium in the sewage