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HK60ZD Multi Turn Electric Actuated Knife Gate Valve

Short Description:

HK60ZD Multi-Turn Electric Actuated Knife Gate Valve

for wastewater, paper pulp, cement, and other mediums. Widely used in paper and pulp, shipyard, wastewater treatment, FGD industry, mining and other applications. High torque up to 10,000Nm.
COVNA will recommend the most suitable electric actuated knife gate valve for your project! Consult us to get more details and the best quote!


  • Actuator Type: Multi-turn electric actuator
  • Body Material: Stainless steel 304/316/316L or WCB
  • Pressure: 16 bar (Special pressure could be customized)
  • Temperature Of Media: -10℃ to 400℃
  • Suitable Media: Pulp, cement, syrup, etc
  • Voltage: AC380V (Other voltage could be customized)
  • Connection Type: Flanged

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Benefits Of Electric Knife Gate Valves:

The COVNA Electric Knife Gate Valve is an intelligent valve that provides you with a flexible and reliable fluid control solution. Knife gate valves are opened or closed by electric actuators. Receive or feedback signals to the control system through the electric actuator to realize remote control and help you realize industrial automation. Widely used in paper and pulp, cement plants, battery slurry pipelines, etc.

Features Of HK60Z-D Electric Actuated Knife Gate Valve:

● Multi-turn electric actuator with high torque up to 10,000Nm

● Aluminum shell with features of anti-oxidation, anti-corrosion, can be used outdoors

● Long service life and excellent cutting performance

● Suitable for mud, pulp, wastewater, and other mediums

● Stainless steel material with anti-corrosion performance

● Available in Profibus Fieldbus, ModbusFieldbus, HartFieldbus, FFFieldbus and Device NetFieldbus


● Electric gate valve type is available for your project! Welcome to consult us to get more info and discount price. 

Technical Parameters Of HK60Z-D Electric Actuated Knife Gate Valve:

Actuator Type Multi-turn electric actuator Size Range DN15 to DN600
Connection Lugged or Flanged Seal Material PTFE / Metal
Medium Air, water, steam, oil, mud, etc Working Pressure 16 bar (232 psi)
Body Material Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel 304/316/316L, Cast Iron, and Cast Steel Temperature Of Media -10 to 400℃(14℉ to 752℉)


Technical Parameters Of Electric Gate Valve Actuator:

Power Supply 380V AC +10% / 50 Hz plus or mins 5%, or custom220V AC +10% / 50 Hz plus or mins 5%, or custom
Input Signals A) Analog quantity 4mA-20mA DC, input impedance 250ΩB) On-of quantity active 24V DCC) The Profibus-DP or MODUS (optional)
Output Signal A) 4mA-20mA DC, load resistance 750Ω or lessB) 6 groups of passive contactsC) Profibus-DP or MODUS (optional)


Dimension Of Multi-Turn Electric Gate Valve:

diameter-electric knife gate valve 

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