Electric Actuator

COVNA manufactures electric actuator in quarter-turn rotary type, multi-turn rotary type and explosion-proof type for your projects. ISO5211 mounting for ball/butterfly/gate/globe valve.
Quarter-turn(90 degrees) electric actuator available in on-off type, modulating type and intelligent type for your choice. Multi control methods: DC-12V,24V; AC-24V, 110V, 220V power supply, and 4-20mA, 1-5VDC, 0-10VDC signal control and manual override. Higher output torque up to 5,000Nm
Multi-turn(360 degrees) electric actuator available in ordinary type, intelligent switch type, and intelligent adjustment type for your choice. Suitable for gate valve, knife gate valve, globe valve, ball valve and butterfly valve. Higher output torque up to 10,000Nm
Explosion-proof(270 degrees) electric actuator with Exd II CT4 or Exd II BT4 for harsh environment. Widely used in oil and gas, fire industry, etc
● Other Actuator Type We Provide: Fail-Safe Electric Actuator and Waterproof Electric Actuator
● Hard aluminum alloy actuator shell with excellent anti-corrosive performance
● Manual override is available
● Heavy-duty motor and metal gear with long lifespan
● IP65/67 protection class, and F grade insulation protection, not easy to leak electricity, safe to use
Any demand for electric actuator, please inquiry us at sales@covnavalve.com. We will help you select the right actuator and help you save time and cost.
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