Installation And Maintain Of High Pressure Solenoid Valve

May 26,2020

High-pressure solenoid valve is a very widely used product in fluid transportation equipment. It is usually used in conjunction with pipelines, pumps and other fluid transportation equipment. Widely used in spray systems, car wash systems, etc. In this article, we will show you how to install a high-pressure solenoid valve and how to maintain the high-pressure solenoid valve in daily use.

7 Main Points Of Installation Of High Pressure Solenoid Valve:

1. Before installation, please refer to the instruction manual of the product to see if it meets your requirements.

2. The pipeline should be rinsed before use, and the filter should be installed if the medium is not clean to prevent impurities from hindering the normal operation of the solenoid valve.

3. After a long period of deactivation, the solenoid valve should be drained of condensate for ease of use. When disassembling and washing, the parts should be placed in order and restored to their original condition.

4. Solenoid valves generally work in one direction and cannot be reversed. The arrow on the valve is the direction of movement of the pipeline fluid and must be consistent.

5. In the icy place, the solenoid valve should be heat-treated when it works again, or set heat preservation measures.

6. The solenoid valve is required to be installed horizontally and the coil is vertically upward to increase the service life.

7. After the electromagnetic coil (connector) is connected, it should be confirmed whether it is firm, the contact of the connected electrical component should not shake, and the looseness will cause the solenoid valve to not work. Solenoid valves for continuous production work are preferably bypassed, which is convenient for maintenance and does not affect production.

7 Main Points Of Daily Maintenance Of High Pressure Solenoid Valve:

1. After the installation of the high-pressure solenoid valve product, it is necessary to pass the medium for testing first, and the solenoid valve can be officially put into work after it works normally.

2. In the process of using the high-pressure solenoid valve, attention should be paid to the pressure working range of the product. Working pressure exceeding the product working range will damage the solenoid valve product, causing leakage and causing losses to users. If the pressure is abnormal or exceeds the actual working range of the solenoid valve, please stop the solenoid valve immediately.

3. When the mechanical equipment is working, it should avoid loosening to reduce mechanical vibration, reduce mechanical damage, and extend the service life of the solenoid valve.

4. When the high-pressure solenoid valve is in working condition, it should avoid collision and contact with other heavy objects. So as not to affect the operation of the solenoid valve.

5. The seal of the high-pressure solenoid valve is one of the important parts of the entire solenoid valve. It should ensure the performance of the solenoid valve seal and keep the interior of the solenoid valve seal clean.

6. For the solenoid valve working in a special environment, such as close to the water source, excessive debris in the working environment, etc., the solenoid valve should be equipped with appropriate protective equipment.

7. If the high-pressure solenoid valve product is not used for a certain period of time, users need to close the valve first, and clean the inside of the solenoid valve to ensure that the solenoid valve is dry before storing it.

Improper Use May Also Cause Failure Of The High-Pressure Solenoid Valve:

1. The actual working environment and medium properties of the high-pressure solenoid valve are beyond the scope of the product.

2. The installation of the high-pressure solenoid valve is wrong, or the filling method is incorrect, resulting in leakage of the high-pressure solenoid valve product.

3. After a long period of use, the mechanical parts of the high-pressure solenoid valve wear, such as leakage caused by the wear of seals and packing.

3 Points To Solve The Failure Of High-Pressure Solenoid Valve:

1. Disassembly and maintenance of high-pressure solenoid valve products requires that the working environment must be clean

2. When cleaning the outside of the high-pressure solenoid valve, the nameplate and various signs must be remembered

3. Pay attention to check the contact surface of the base and the valve plate

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