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Motorized Ball Valve Miniature Type


motorized ball valve

with features of compact design, high output torque. Fail-safe type, fail close type, timer control type, modulating type and manual override type are available. Also available in 2 way and 3 way. Widely used in HVAC equipment, solar equipment, air compressor and other small automation equipments.
Size Range: 1/2" , 3/4", 1", 1-1/4", 1-1/2", 2"
Material: Brass, Stainless Steel 304/316/316L and UPVC
Max. Working Pressure: 10 bar
Medium Temperature: 2℃ to 90℃
Valve Type: 2 Way and 3 Way(T port or L port) for your choice
Voltage: 12 Volt DC, 24 Volt DC, 24 Volt AC, 110 Volt AC, 220 Volt AC
Torque Output: 2.0 N.m
Tolerance: ±10%
Open/Close Time: ≤5S
Life Time: 100,000 Times
Indicator: Available
● Any requirements of motorized ball valve, please contact us at sales@covnavalve.com. We will help you select the best valve with a competitive price!

COVNA Miniature Motorized Ball Valve Series

COVNA is a valve and actuator manufacturer in China with 20+ years of experience. We provide all types of actuator valve for industrial automation solution. In this page, we will introduce the Miniature Motorized Ball Valve for you. Welcome any inquiries from you!

What Is Miniature Motorized Ball Valve?

Difference with the HK60 series electric ball valves, the miniature motorized ball valve has a compact design and save the space of installation. Difference wiring methods with difference function.
● According to motorized valve actuator type: fail-open type, fail-close type, with timer control type and modulating type
● According to connection type: Threaded type, welded type, tri-clamp(food safe) type and double union type
● According to material type: Stainless steel type, plastic type, cast iron type and cast steel type
● According to valve design type: 1-piece type, 2-piece type and 3-piece type
● According to valve structure type: 2-way type and 3-way type

Selection Guide Of COVNA Miniature Motorized Ball Valve

● Confirm the voltage and signal you need
● Confirm the actuator type you need
● Confirm the valve details like size, pressure, temperature and material you need
● Confirm the medium
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