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Pneumatic Actuator

As a pneumatic valve actuator manufacturer, COVNA manufactures pneumatic valve actuator in single acting and double acting actuator type for your choice. ISO5211 mounting for ball and butterfly valve. 1 Million lifespan and high torque.
Single Acting(Spring Retun) Pneumatic Actuator: Air to open, air interrupt to close. Equipped with high performance and anti-corrosive springs. Which would ensure the output torque for open and close. Feature includes safety and explosion-proof.
Double Acting Pneumatic Actuator: Air to open and air to close. Fast open and fast close. Features include responsive and higher torque.
● Longer air cylinder, extra 30% air consumption, stable ari pressure and torque output, fast open/close
● Made by low-friction material, which avoids direct contact between metal and metal, is not easy to wear, rotates flexibly, and has a long service life
● Using high-quality materials and coating treatment, it has strong corrosion resistance and service life
● Adopts ISO 5211 and Namur international installation standard, easy to install and maintain
● Any demand for pneumatic actuator, please consult us at sales@covnavalve.com and we will help you select the right pneumatic actuator and save your cost and time.

Rack and Pinion Actuator

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