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Pneumatic Ball Valve

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COVNA Pneumatic Ball Valve Series

Features: Long Service Life, Eco-Friendly, Easy Installation, 1 Million Lifespan
Actuator Type: Spring Return(Single Acting) and Double Acting Pneumatic Actuator
Air Supply Pressure: 2.5 bar to 8 bar
Rotation: Quarter-turn (90 Degrees)
Ball Valve Type: 2-Ways, 3-Ways (T Type and L Type) and 4-Ways
Valve Material Options: Stainless Steel 304/316/316L, Plastic, Carbon Steel or Cast Iron
Connection Type: Threaded, Flange, Tri Clamp, Welded and Wafer
Suitable Medium: Water, Oil, Air, Gas, Drink, Achol, Pulp, etc
Pneumatic Accessories Options: Gearbox, positioner, limit switch, pneumatic solenoid valve and F.R.L
● Any requirements of pneumatic ball valve, please contact us at sales@covnavalve.com. We will help you select the best valve with a competitive price!
COVNA have helped more than 2,000 companies with our pneumatic ball valve. Our pneumatic ball valve widely used in wastewater treatment, paper and pulp, power plant, shipyard, and so on. We are always there to help you resolve the problem and offer a valve solution for you.

What Is Pneumatic Ball Valve?

Pneumatic ball valve means driven by compressed air to open or close the ball valve to stop, start or regulate the flow rate. COVNA pneumatic ball valve available in all kinds of materials, size, pressure range for your options. Low cost, responsive and safe.
We also provide pneumatic accessories like positioner, limit switch, pneumatic solenoid valve, handwheel and F.R.L. To help your project be more automated and increase production efficiency
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