Electric Valve Actuator Selection Guide

Sep 09,2021

Electric Valve is a high-end product in automatic control. It not only has the switching function, but also the valve position adjustment function. The Electric actuator stroke can be divided into: 90° angle stroke and straight stroke. COVNA Angle Stroke Electric actuator is used together with angle stroke valve to do 90° rotary control of the flow.

Selection of Actuator

Output Torque

The output torque is the most important parameter to select electric actuator, which should be 1.2 ~ 1.5 times of the maximum operating Torque of the valve.

Control Type of Actuator

ON-OFF Type Actuator 

Fully open or close the valve. Varies Control circuits are optional, such as Light indicator signal feedback, passive contact signal feedback, Resistance potentiometer signal feedback, etc. 

Regulation Type Actuator

With control module inside the actuator, the regulation type actuator could set up the opening or close percentage of the valve. Input & Output signal DC 4-20mA, DC1-5V, or DC0-10V.

Intelligent Type Actuator

Based on the function of Regulation type actuator, the Intelligent type actuator has an additional touchable LED screen on the actuator which allowed field control and infrared remote control. 

Explosion Proof Actuator

The Explosion Proof Actuator is available if required by special site condition. Class: Exd IIB T4.