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Water Treatment

Water Treatment

"Water treatment" is the process of removing some harmful substances that are not necessary for production and life in water through physical, chemical and biological means. It is a process of water quality conditioning such as sedimentation, filtration, coagulation, flocculation, corrosion inhibition, and scale inhibition for specific purposes.

● Waster water treatment

● Drinking water treatment

● Sea water desalination

● Water distribution


Relying on our excellent selection experience and engineering experience, we can provide the most satisfactory solution for your project


COVNA actuators and valves for major engineered systems and equipment


Water Treatment Plant Installation

In the project, we understand the specific needs of customers, and recommend pneumatic three-piece ball valves from the customer's entire system design and budget plan, and provide customers with the most economical solution while taking performance into consideration. COVNA starts from the customer's own interests, understands the customer's specific background, and does its best to provide automated solutions.

RO System Equipment Installation

In the project, we listened to the customer's request, carefully understood the customer's equipment situation, combined with our COVNA water treatment RO reverse osmosis system equipment installation experience, recommended to the customer to use pneumatic PVC ball valve, it can be well adapted to the RO system, PVC material durable corrosion resistance, economic and high efficiency.

RO System

COVNA valves for the water treatment industry are performance proven and audited to many international standards such as CE, FDA, ISO, SGS, ROHS, etc., and can be used in your projects to meet international standards.

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