Why To Choose Electric Actuator Valve According To The Working Environment?

Dec 06,2019

The electric control of electric valve has been improved continuously because of the requirement of industrial automation level. On the one hand, the use of electric valve is more and more, on the other hand, the control requirement of electric valve is more and more high and more complex. Therefore, the electric valve in the electrical control design is also constantly updated. With the progress of science and technology and the popularization and application of computer, new and various electric control methods will appear continuously.

For the overall control of electric valves, attention should be paid to the choice of electric valves control mode. For example, according to the need of the project, whether to use centralized control mode, single control mode, whether to interact with other equipment, program control or the application of computer program control, etc. , the control principle is different. The sample of valve electric device manufacturer only gives the standard electric control principle, so the user department should make technical disclosure with the electric device manufacturer to clarify the technical requirements.

In addition, in the choice of electric valve, should consider whether to buy additional electric valve controller. Because in general, the controller is to be purchased separately. In most cases, when using a single control unit, it is necessary to buy a controller, because the purchase of the controller than the user-designed, manufactured to be more convenient and cheap. When the electrical control performance can not meet the requirements of the engineering design, the modification or re-design should be proposed to the production plant.

The function of the electric valve is required according to the engineering control requirements. As for the electric valve, the control function is accomplished by the electric device. The purpose of using electric valve is to realize non-manual electric control or computer control on the opening, closing and regulating linkage of the valve. The current use of electric power devices is no longer just about saving manpower. Because the function and quality of the products of different manufacturers are quite different, therefore, it is equally important to select the electric device and the valve.

In pipeline engineering, the correct selection of electric valve is one of the guarantee conditions to meet the use requirements. If the electric valve is not selected properly, it will not only affect the use, but also bring about bad consequences or serious losses. 

The working environment of electric valve should pay special attention to the working environment of electric valve besides the pipeline parameters, because the electric device in electric valve is a mechanical and electrical equipment, and its working condition is greatly affected by its working environment. For example, if the working environment is harsh and contains flammable and explosive gas, the explosion-proof electric actuator is needed; if the working environment is outdoor, the water-proof electric actuator of IP68 is needed. We need to choose the suitable electric valve according to the different working environment, in order to control the medium flow more effectively.

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