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Food And Beverage

Solutions For Food And Beverage Industry

Preventing contamination during food and beverage processing is a top priority. The process is often affected by chemical, physical, and microbial contaminations. If these contaminants enter the food and beverage, it may cause a decline in quality and pose a health hazard.

COVNA has developed a series of solutions to ensure the safety and hygiene of food and beverage processing. The valves are made of food-grade safety materials and have a sound sealing system. With a high level of automation and intelligence, COVNA valves also hold multiple international certifications, including CE, ISO, and FDA. These certificates demonstrate that COVNA valves comply with international standards and can provide hygiene and safety guarantees in the production process.


Why Choose COVNA Valve For Food And Beverage Industry

· Food-grade materials such as stainless steel 316L

· Multiple international certification certificates such as CE, ISO, FDA

· Complete sealing system to prevent external impurities

· Easy to clean and maintain

· Sample Service Support

· High automation reduces human intervention and avoids cross-contamination

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