12 Features Of Electric Actuator

Nov 07,2019

Electric actuator is a kind of driving device that can provide linear or rotary motion. It uses some driving energy and works under some control signal.

The utility model has the advantages of convenient energy access, fast signal transmission speed, long transmission distance, convenient centralized control, high sensitivity and precision, convenient coordination with electric regulating instruments, and simple installation and wiring.

Compared with the hydraulic and pneumatic type of the same function products, electric actuators cost-effective. Electric actuators electric pushrods/cylinders are cleaner, easier to operate, and more energy-efficient, so users can benefit. The integrated design of the electric actuator makes it easier to program and control, minimizing maintenance, and eliminating the need to replace lubricated parts in extreme conditions.

Main Features

1. Integrated structure design, position transmitter and Servo amplifier as two independent parts can be directly installed inside the actuator, directly receive 4-20mA control signal, output 4-20mA or 1-5VDC valve position feedback signal, with self-diagnosis function easy to use and adjust.

2. Functional modular structure design, through the combination of different optional functions, to achieve from simple to complex control, to meet different application requirements.

3. Simple structure, small size, light weight, easy installation and maintenance, machine parts are all CNC machining, exquisite workmanship.

4. The transmission all uses the small gap seal gear, has the efficiency high, the noise low, the service life long, stable reliable, does not need to refuel and so on the characteristic.

5. With a variety of operating speed, can meet the requirements of various control systems to ensure rapid response and stability of the system.

6. PSL series with the valve connection using flexible disc spring connection, can avoid the stem and output shaft different shaft to the Valve influence, can preset valve shut-off force to ensure the valve reliable shut-off, prevent leakage.

7. The drive motor is made of high-speed synchronous motor made of high-performance rare-earth magnetic material, which runs smoothly. The utility model has the advantages of small volume, large torque, anti-blocking rotation, high control precision, etc. .

8. It is possible to set subsection regulation, that is, the dual-time proportional signal output by one regulator controls the full-open and full-closed of PSL1 and PSL2 respectively at 4-12mA and 12-20mA.

9. The valve position feedback element adopts the full seal high precision multi-loop potentiometer, which has the characteristics of small volume, high precision, small dead zone, long service life and so on.

10. Adjustable stroke for easy connection to valve.

11. All electrical components are world-famous brand products, reliable quality, long service life.

12. The wiring of the electrical parts is strict and completely isolated from the transmission parts, which improves the operational reliability of the actuator.

The electric parts of the actuator are strictly wired and completely isolated from the transmission parts, which improves the operational reliability of the actuator. The transmission parts are driven by a small gap sealed gear processed by CNC high efficiency, low noise, long life, stable and reliable, not because of the process environment, such as the fluctuation of the medium inlet force and other characteristics of the actuator resonance.

The PSL straight stroke actuator is mainly composed of the electric control part and the gear transmission part which are isolated from each other. As the intermediate part of the two isolated parts, the motor output torque according to the control requirements, through the multi-pole positive gear transfer to the trapezoidal screw, screw thread through the screw torque for thrust. The stem threads are self-locking and transmit a straight stroke to the stem through an adapter with the valve. The outlet shaft of the actuator is provided with a stop-turn pin to prevent rotation, and the radial locking device of the outlet shaft can be used as a position indicator. The locking device is connected with a connecting rod which runs synchronously with the output shaft. The output shaft displacement is converted into an electrical signal by a circuit board connected with the connecting rod, which is provided to the servo amplifier as a comparison signal and the valve position feedback output At the same time, the travel of the actuator can be limited by two main limit switches on the switch board, and the limit position can be adjusted by two mechanical limit blocks.