Double Acting Pneumatic Actuator

Double Acting Pneumatic Actuator

Double Acting Pneumatic Actuator

has the advantage of fast acting. Air to open and air to closed. Air supply pressure range from 2 to 8 bar. Output torque range from 8Nm to 4678Nm. Widely used for various industry such as water treatment, packaging machinery and so on.
COVNA provides rack and pinion pneumatic actuator in double acting and single acting actuator for your project.

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  • Actuator Type:Double Acting
  • Air Supply Pressure:2.5 bar to 8 bar
  • Material:Aluminum alloy
  • Angle Of Rotation :0° to 90°
  • Ambient Temperature:-40 to 160℃
  • Protection Class:IP65

Features Of COVNA Double Acting Pneumatic Actuator:

● Responsive and fast open and close.

● Rack and pinion pneumatic actuator with features of high output torque

● ISO5211 mounting for ball valve and butterfly valve

● Weather-poof 


Double Acting Pneumatic Actuator:


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